Thursday, August 13, 2015

day 4.

 Wednesday, day 3 of my veneered boxes class was one of the quietest days I've spent in a classroom. My students were occupied in the depths of quiet labor, interrupted by brief comments, and the occasional sound of the laminate trimmer cutting mortises for hinges.

Today, day 4, we will have a visit to my shop  before lunch, and we have a show this afternoon in which we will exhibit what my students have made to other students from the Eureka Springs School of the Arts.

Each of my students has crafted 3 boxes, and each of those should be completed this afternoon,  thus leaving time for more demonstrations and more boxes before cleanup and the class ends on Friday.

I have had only three students in this class, and if any educator tells you ever, that class size does not matter, whap him (or her) on the head. (Knuckles or a flat stick will do, your choice.) Such nonsense should have been put forcefully to rest long ago, but is perpetrated by those who would rather give education on the cheap, and by those who care nothing for human culture.

Make, fix, create, and insist that others learn to do likewise.

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