Wednesday, August 12, 2015

day 3...

This will be out 3rd day of making veneered boxes with the Eureka Springs School of the Arts in the Clear Spring School woodshop.

I have been playing some with veneered panels, some of which I like and some that will look better with some additional work. For instance, a border of thin veneer of a contrasting color might make some of the patterns more complete.

My students each have 3 or 4 boxes in process. Today we will install miter keys, cut the lids loose, and learn the process of installing butt hinges, and barbed hinges.

Karin, director of the Crescent Montessori School sent the following note:
I thought of your writings when I read this quote.

Poet, Mark Nepo, in the book Endless Practice, offers this meaning of authenticity ~

“It helps to remember that the word authentic means bearing the mark of the hands. Being authentic ~ being real and genuine ~ means touching and being touched, holding and being held. The living work of our hands is where being and becoming meet, where inner and outer, like two hands, part the veil of circumstance and reveal the aliveness at the center of everything. Through the life of authenticity, we trip into the heart of things and experience the interconnectedness of things again and again.”

Always enjoy reading your blog.
 Make, fix, create, and enable others to do likewise.

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