Sunday, August 02, 2015

home again...

I am home again in Arkansas and will spend the next week working on my tiny boxes book and preparing for my last adult class of the summer.

Teaching requires that I be extremely focused on the needs of my students and my plan for the class, which means that I get less sleep than would be good for me. I also plan to catch up on sleep during the week.

On the tiny boxes front, I am nearly ready to assemble my first Japanese puzzle box to see if it will work as intended.

My last summer class will be making veneered boxes. The use of veneers will allow us to bring in some additional color and interest to our work.

At the present time, I have only 3 students enrolled in this class. So each student will get my personal attention. To enroll, go to the ESSA website.

While this class will be on the subject of veneered boxes, anyone interested in basic box making or general woodworking will find value in the techniques offered.

Make, fix and create...

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