Friday, August 07, 2015

class prep...

Today I begin preparing for my week long class in making veneered boxes. I regard class time as a time for experimentation, not simply sharing and instructing what I know and what I want my students to learn.

The teachers' job is to set up a laboratory and a challenge. It is the student's job to discover his or her own relationship to the tools, materials and concepts.

My editor at Fine Woodworking has taken my box hinging methods and given them a new twist, eliminating the story stick as shown in this video. I would make two jigs instead of one, so that the fence would not need to be reversed to rout the opposite side. When set up, it is just as easy to make two jigs, and to assemble as mirror images of each other, thus avoiding the complication of using a screwdriver to move the fence.

My nearly finished puzzle boxes are shown above.

Make, fix and create...

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