Thursday, August 23, 2012

small lidded box...

Richard Bazeley, shop teacher in Australia sent photos of boxes and notes:
I want to share with you my latest small box project. This started as an introductory lesson to woodwork for year 7 students. Given a random length of wood the students had to measure and cut the length into 4 equal pieces, allowing 10 mm for waste. They then had to form this into a box which they glued and taped together. Next a plywood bottom was added and later a lid. I purchased simple hinges and clasps for each student which they used to complete the task. The students are very pleased with the results and so am I. The materials all came from scrap and the hinges and clasps cost $3.00 per box.

The project uses very little material so next time around I will be looking for some nicer off cuts. I was pleased at how well the students handled the hinging as the screws for this project are very small.
I have an all day staff meeting today and have begun meetings with teachers to plan wood shop lessons to correlate with classroom studies.
Make, fix and create...


  1. Nice boxes.
    The decorations made me smile, I remember when I had sloyd, there would always be at least one of the girls who decorated her box with a horse. Us boys were only able to draw something less artistic, like a skull or just our name.

    If Monique T chooses to use her box for treats for her horse, I found a recipe for some homemade horse treats (I know it is not woodworking, but I hope it is OK with you Doug?)

    2 carrots, 1 apple, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of oatmeal, some water (my guess is 1/2 cup). Use a fine grater for the apple and the carrots, mix everything and roll them into horsetreat size (a ball approx. 2 cm in diameter).
    They should be baked in the oven untill they are hard and golden, approximately 1 hour at low heat.

    Good luck

  2. Jonas,
    Wisdom of the hands extends in all directions, including preparation of horse treats.

    That sounds like a great use for a small box. I'm not sure if Monique would go for the notion, but I approve.