Tuesday, August 14, 2012

day two, marc adams school...

 This was our second day of Simply Beautiful Box Making at Marc Adams School. What becomes obvious in teaching adults is that all human beings learn in the same manner. See and do. And learning is some much faster when the student is interested in the subject and finds it relevant to his or her own life. What is there that is so hard to understand? It is clear to anyone who pays attention to his or her own learning processes, that we learn most efficiently and to greatest lasting effect when we learn hands-on.

Today my students were deeply engaged in making boxes, and their enthusiasm is so palpable, I am reluctant to pull them away from their work to do the demonstrations I have planned. But we all learn best when learning comes at our own pace. I try to be mindful of their learning paces, and offer instruction when I feel it is most useful and relevant.

In educational Sloyd, it was known that learning must start with the interests of the child. There is no lack of interest at Marc Adams School, and we learn at our best when we embrace learning as readily as a child embraces playtime.

make, fix and please create...

Take a child by the hand and introduce him or her to creativity. The same works for adults.

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