Saturday, June 13, 2009

Custom By Design

Last night's opening at the Historic Arkansas Museum was fun, as I got to see the work by other notable Arkansas woodworkers. It is gratifying to see woodwork treated as art. On the other hand, to create work that has use beyond being decorative or culturally expressive is a matter that keeps a firm hand-hold on humility. The show with top billing, currently on exhibit at the Historic Arkansas Museum is a two person exhibition, one a graphic designer creating two-dimensional illustrations in copper and also in charcoal on paper. The other artist is showing sculptural forms in stainless steel. While their work was very interesting and well presented, I heard some comments that the furniture show was more interesting and should have been given top billing on the invitation.

I won't immerse myself in the squabbles of relative merit of art vs. craft. There are no clear lines upon which one might choose sides. But, from a personal perspective, I like things that can be both beautiful and useful. And I was pleased to find my simple rustic chest on legs displayed in such a nice position in the exhibit. It is kind of a weird piece of furniture in some eyes, but if you get bored with it's appearance, you can still put stuff in it. Other artists in the exhibit are Keith Newton, Tommy Farrell, Lucas Strack, Whitney Patterson, and Mia Hall, and I was pleased to be included.

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  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Those "relative merits" discussions miss the point. We each should find a way to express our sense of beauty and creativity. I'm also a fan of having what I make be useful in some way.