Thursday, June 25, 2009

7th or 8th grade projects

John Grossbohlin sent photos of school projects. The tray is one he made in shop class in 1971 based on a design shown earlier and that can be found here.

The model boat is one his father made in about 1947.

The Wall Street Journal had an article A Wandering Mind Heads straight Toward Insight that may help to explain why the use of the hands induces creative thinking.
...our brain may be most actively engaged when our mind is wandering and we've actually lost track of our thoughts.

"Solving a problem with insight is fundamentally different from solving a problem analytically. There really are different brain mechanisms involved."-- Dr. John Kounios, Drexel University.
I strongly suspect, based on my own observations that engagement of the hands will be discovered as one of the primary components of creativity, perhaps related to changes in brain wave state. And of course that may be why many or most religious disciplines utilize particular hand gestures to induce contemplative states.

Unfortunately, however, we have created a culture in which the role of the hands in the expression of intelligence is marginalized.

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