Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I wasn't in my best form for my talk this morning at Rotary. I was trying to cover too much ground in too short a time, and I need to learn a lesson from it. New things are best learned slowly. They have to be digested and when they have to do with the hands, they have to be explored in the hands as well as in the mind. That takes time. I spent the day running errands and locating materials for the new book, but I did manage to get the top veneer glued to the tool box for Lucy.

In the meantime, I got an email from Tom Begnal at Fine Woodworking that my box design article is almost ready to go to press and that a class he taught to Fine Woodworking staff on box making based on his visit here making boxes with me is featured in the Fine Woodworking Editor's Blog at the Fine Woodworking website.

The photo above shows laminating the veneer on Lucy's box using the Thin Air vacuum press kit. The Thin Air kit works great. Put the work in the bag and use the small hand pump to remove the air. I used Elmer's Carpentry Glue, so a couple hours in the bag was long enough to for the glue to set, and the veneered top is shown below ready for sanding and routing.

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