Sunday, December 30, 2007

I have been working on articles for Woodwork Magazine (the writing part) and have also been working on the first pieces for the Rustic Furniture book. The photo at left is of a bedside or end table made from western cedar. It is a material commonly available as rough-sawn from lumber yards throughout the US. It can be nailed or doweled, cut with hand saws or circular power saws. The first tables I made in this design were made when my wife and I moved into our home and didn't have enough furniture or money to buy it. So quickly-made tables lasted for years until they were replaced by finer work and were passed along to other young couples starting their first homes. I am studying Swedish, and can tell you that the svenske word for table is very much like what our tables are made from, bord, but if I were writing this in Swedish, I would say the material is västlig ceder trä.

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