Friday, September 13, 2013

turning around Boston...

My friend Beth Ireland, and the Eliot School in Boston have embarked on a new project with Boston Public Schools, Turning Around Boston. Support it through Beth's Kickstarter Campaign. Some may remember that 2 years ago Beth came to Eureka Springs for turning workshops at Clear Spring School and the Eureka Springs School of the Arts.

Miter the corners...

Cut grooves in edges of lid and sides
After sanding and routing, assemble.

Rubberbands and tape do the trick.
In my wood shop, I'm working on small boxes to hold my sister's ashes. One is to go to her husband, and the other two to her son and daughter. She had given me a list of woods that she considered important in recording her life's journey. Some were impossible to find in time for me to get the project done in advance of her memorial. Her list included Magnolia and dogwood for Memphis, and olive and mesquite for Arizona. I had just a bit of black mesquite in the shop, and my friend Larry Williams uses beech in the making of his planes. So, I settled on those two woods. At this point, I have the miters cut, and am working on top panels.

In addition to boxes made of beech and mesquite, I'm making 4 smaller ones at the same time using walnut for the lid panels.

Let the glue set.
I don't intend that these be quickly done. But they will be simply because I make boxes all the time, and am practiced in the necessary skills.

It feels great to be back in the wood shop after what seems to have been an unnecessary period of distraction.  I look forward to SWEPCO's complete withdrawal of the profance application to build their ugliest of all power lines through my community.

Make, fix and create...

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