Sunday, September 22, 2013

calendar sticks, tally sticks, talking sticks...

Single and split tallies from the Swiss Alps, 18th to early 20th century (Swiss Alpine Museum)
Yesterday I mentioned talking sticks as being a way that people recorded events and stories before the days of text. You can learn more about these from wikipedia. Some folks would use split tallys to keep track of transactions between two parties, and the longer part of the stick would be given to the one owed the debt.

I use story sticks all the time in my work as a way of recording and transcribing measurements. People who are used to written text may think this kind of thing primative. I find it useful. Human beings regardless of era, have used external devised to facilitate memory and to assist in the making of beautiful or useful things.

My box making classes and Fiske Lecture with the Northeast Woodworking Association have been announced. Enrollment is limited.

Make, fix and create...

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