Sunday, September 29, 2013

eureka palooza..

Yesterday I took work benches, tools and toy car parts to our Clear Spring School family music festival, Eureka Palooza. It was a rainy afternoon. Being in a large tent was a big help and brought a captive audience. I was assisted by Dylan, a Clear Spring School graduate. I had not known how busy I would be, and Dylan arrived at just the right time to help.

Later, as the children's tent activities were winding down, I started to pack up, but found that more kids had arrived. Does anyone in education these days understand what it feels like to make something real in your own hands? If so, American education would be remarkably different. Most of the kids making cars were not my Clear Spring School kids. Instead, I had the opportunity to get a fresh set of kids interested in making things.

Our project yesterday was making flip cars. These are particularly fun because in addition to rolling you can press on the end and make it flip. There is no definite top or bottom and each side can be decorated.

Make, fix and create...

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