Tuesday, September 10, 2013

awaiting word...

I am awaiting word of my sister's passing. She is in hospice care and down to her last hours or perhaps days. She has always been my big sister, even after I grew much taller in height. She was always the creative one, the artistic one. While I majored in Political Science, she majored in art. When we were little, she colored on my paper. There was no meanness in it. She knew that my paper needed her help. There were only 18 months between us and I've really not known the world without her being in it.

 On the other hand, at the age of 7, I took apart her sewing machine and it never worked again. That taught me valuable lessons that I've never forgotten. Pay attention to the details. Know the whole of a thing and understand how it works or how it is supposed to work before you commence in taking it apart. Each and every thing has meaning. Take care with the whole of it. It matters.

I am reminded of a Zen story. The master was dying. His disciples were gathered around him, crying, "Master, master, please don't leave us." He looked up and asked, "Where do you think I'd go?" And the truth of us is that our individuality is well crafted participatory self-deception. We are intimately entwined in each other. There are no boundaries between us except those that our delusions have created. Skin? Our own thoughts? Are there any real boundaries that define us if we choose to live within a broader view of our humanity?

My wife tells me to avoid power tools for the rest of the day. That's good advice when under some level of stress. The worst part of my sister's disease was that it impaired her creative capacity. For the rest of you,  please:

Make, fix and create...

On another note, my box making class at Marc Adams School of Woodworking fills up fast. In fact last year we offered a second class because the first was full. Not much chance of that happening this year, so if you are interested in having a full week of creative box making, go to MarcAdams.com and look at the new schedule. Class enrollment is offered first to those who took classes this last year, and second to returning students. If you've not been there before, consider yourself in for a treat. And do not wait or you will miss the opportunity to register. In addition, I'll be offering a weekend class in making small cabinets.

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  1. Sorry to hear the news. Be good to yourself and take the love people offer.

    All the best,