Saturday, September 07, 2013

flag box

It is a pleasure to stumble across ways in which I have been of some small influence to others. This flag box is featured on the Fine Woodworking website, and the design was graciously attributed to an article on box making that I wrote for Fine Woodworking Magazine, #201.

It is a beautiful box, and a great story.

Today I will prepare for Monday's classes.

On the SWEPCO front, I am pursuing a new angle. SWEPCO's preferred route 33 passes between the main body of Pea Ridge National Battlefield Park and a small detached area of the park in which Union troops were held waiting for deployment in battle.  Route 33 passes directly through a small bottleneck between those two portions of the park. I am seeking Congressional support for adding that land to the park. If that can be accomplished, the National Parks Service would have the last word, and put AEP/SWEPCO dead in the water.

Make, fix and create...


  1. Dear Doug:

    Your beautiful box was honored by this noble,kind gesture.

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Hi Doug,
    As a professional textile conservator, I am wondering if you took care to ensure that the interior of the box has a neutral level of acidity. If not, any flag or similar textile will promptly become very acidic, and will deteriorate rather quickly. Did you do anything to create a barrier to acidity transferring to any textile stored within the box? Best wishes,

  3. I didn't make this flag box, so can't answer your question. I am uncertain what finishes would give the best ph balance. Shellac, perhaps?