Friday, October 03, 2008

Today, as I continue to recover from jet lag (they say it takes one day per hour of time change) I have been once again competing with the Chinese by making things.... little boxes to be exact. I am so grateful in these questionable financial times, that I still get orders from galleries. I returned home from Finland to find two large orders waiting for me from Appalachian Spring, a fine crafts gallery with 5 locations in the Washington, DC. area. When I get orders I spring to action in the wood shop and feel a charge to get things done! And for those who aren't regularly engaged in making things, I would encourage you to try. It is fulfilling and fun and may help you to face the challenge of hard times to come.

I watched today as the House of Representatives passed legislation we all hope reverses the decline of the economy. We can keep our fingers crossed and tied in knots that their actions are guided by wisdom, but it is far better to get busy and make things with the wisdom of our hands.

Today I also got a review document of the article that will go in American Woodworker about the Wisdom of the Hands program at Clear Spring School, and I received copies of the November/December issue of Fine Woodworking with my latest article "Better Way to Build Boxes." One of the editors said of my flipping story stick technique described in the article, "That one technique is worth the price of a whole year's subscription!" It means a lot to me that simple things I have discovered in my own wood shop have that kind of effect.

If you are a subscriber to Fine Woodworking, your copy should arrive soon. If not, you will find it on the newsstands and bookstores in one week, or you can subscribe at the Fine Woodworking website.

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