Monday, October 20, 2008

I am finished with my first weekend of DVD production and have one or two more to bring my part of the project to completion. In the meantime, this month's Popular Science describes our "Hands-Free Future," in which data input will come through eye blinks, voice, and direct brain-wave interface. Aren't we excited to have those boundaries between man and machine dissolved? We are poised to achieve complete man-machine union and seamless interface.

The problem with the hands is that they get dirty. "Say goodbye to grimy keyboards," the article proclaims.

Somehow, the feelings of personal well being that we receive through skilled hands-on textural interface with reality will no longer be needed. We can take drugs instead. Perhaps someday we can shed our bodies completely, and sit as nutrient sustained brains in bell-jars wired to receive all necessary stimuli through a combination of electronic devices and pharmaceutical delivery apparatus.

Or we can rediscover the wisdom of our hands.

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