Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is a busy week around here. So I'll have limited time for the blog. I am getting ready for the second round of video work for the Rustic Furniture DVD this weekend. So there is lots to do to prepare.

I also am working on final parts of the book and have school. Yesterday, my school woodworking club helped cut out wooden hands for use in a downtown Christmas wreath that the Clear Spring School had been asked to contribute to the city's holiday decorations. Fortunately, other students will paint and decorate the hands, so they are now out of MY hands, so to speak.

This week we also have the annual Harvest Party at Clear Spring School. It allows the kids to do dress up without all the super hero, witch, and mummy theme that has nothing to do with their formal education. Instead, the students dress up in pioneer style and celebrate our heritage. On Friday, members of the woodworking club will help students from pre-school through middle school make lucky tokens from wood. These will be called "lucky wood pieces," and will be offered with the guarantee to prevent snakebite, Indian attack and broken axle on the pioneer journey west. OK, it's a bit goofy, but fun.

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