Monday, October 13, 2008

At some point soon, I hope to get into my Helsinki photos and organize them a bit. In the meantime, I feel an inclination to rummage around and share a scene or two. Today I prepared for tomorrow's classes and worked in the shop a bit to prepare for the video work on Friday. It was nice to see the stock market rebounding slightly, but I hope we will all have learned a bit from the experience of watching our economy implode. It would be nice if we were to take up with the hands where we left off in the 1950's. If each home in America were full of craft activities instead of or in addition to television, we would be smarter and happier.

The view in the first photo is from a dock on Pohjoisranta south across the harbor towards the island of Katajanokka. Not shown just to the right would be Uspensky Cathedral, a famous Russian Orthodox cathedral and tourist destination. The woman below, selling knit hats, mittens and gloves in the harbor market, had fingers moving so fast that only bright sun allowed the camera to stop the action.

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