Friday, October 10, 2008

During Tuesday night's presidential debate, which already seems a long time ago, Senator McCain stated that he would likely make Meg Whitman, former CEO and founder of eBay his secretary of the treasury. This was on a day that eBay announced that it was laying off 10 percent of its staff.

The rise of eBay is an interesting phenomenon that is characteristic of the state we are in. As John McCain pointed out, many of the members of the audience in the town hall debate were likely to be participants in eBay.

We have a society in which everybody is selling something, but nary a soul makes a blessed thing anymore. It was what I noticed on my trip to Dallas so many years ago.

It is such a shame to have devolved into a nation of helpless consumers. Perhaps Meg Whitman would be the Secretary of Treasury that we deserve in our state of economic and moral bankruptcy. But please excuse me while I hope for better and more. The photo below shows more boxes having been assembled since my last post. Next they get trimmed with the band saw, sanded, routed, sanded again and hand-rub finished with Danish oil (3 coats).

I've had a lot of practice with these and you can't expect your first work to be high quality. It is the same way with manufacturing products of any kind. When a manufacturing plant is closed down and its work sent overseas, a creative culture is eliminated from American society and it takes a tremendous effort for it to arise again. But with a clear national will, we can make changes that I hope even Meg Whitman might understand.

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  1. I have one of your lovely little hinged lid boxes in my bathroom. It guards my wedding ring at night from prying paws of the kitty cat.

    I've been busy and have not had time to catch up on your blog in a while. Hope to see you Wednesday.