Saturday, October 04, 2008

John Grossbohlin sent the following photos of his sons Jesse and Joshua helping other kids make tool totes at a recent woodworking club show.
John tells me that his son Jesse just learned something that other young men should have the opportunity to discover: Displaying skill is one of the effective ways that young men gain the attention of young women. Jesse asked his dad why the older girl in the first photo wanted to make a tool tote? "Maybe she wanted to learn to hammer?" John suggested. But the boys knew there was something more going on than that."Maybe she wanted to meet you," John followed up. Jesse and Joshua thought that was a more reasonable answer.

That is not something I've mentioned before in the blog, but it is an interesting thing to note. Harrison Ford is one example of a movie star whose career began as a carpenter and who used his woodworking skills (in the movie Witness) to build a huge following. Can you name a football player who has reached that level of stardom in the eyes of particularly sophisticated and intelligent women?

Thanks for the great photos, John.

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