Wednesday, September 28, 2016

today in wood shop.

Anaxagoras: Man's wisdom comes from his hands
This afternoon, m students in first, second and third grades will work on their toy trains. With the engines nearly complete, they are planning the various cars their trains will pull. Some want "box cars" that can carry other things, so I'll prepare stock before class.

This afternoon Dillon Ryan from Fine Woodworking will arrive to take photographs for an article. I'll be blogging on the light side for the next couple days. I'll remind readers that there is a search feature connected with this blog. It is at the upper left. I've been writing this feature for over 10 years now, so there is plenty of content to keep you reading things you might enjoy for the next few days without my adding much more.

Here are some suggested search terms... Sloyd, Nääs, Helsinki, Froebel, Wilson, Crawford, brain, research. Play around and see what you find. If there's anything that you read that strikes your fancy, use the comments feature to respond.

Make, fix, create, and encourage others to learn likewise.

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