Friday, September 02, 2016

bells and chapels

 Today will be my first class with my high school students for this school year and I'm quite certain they are pleased to be back at wood shop. We have acquired thousands of large jingle bells and I plan to launch a fundraising project to help cover the costs of school travel. The hand bells shown would be useful as rhythm instruments in preschools or could be used by Salvation Army bell ringers during the holiday season.

So, as the final design is established and we begin to have an inventory available, the school will begin selling these. We are using wood as you can see, so ours will be a bit more lovely than the ones made of leather or plastic.

You can see that I'm also making progress on my small chapels of wood. Next comes the mounting of the doors, the application of finish and the installation of the plexiglass rosettes.

Make, fix, create, and hope the tide turns that others may learn likewise.

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