Wednesday, May 28, 2014

this day.

Today, we take my daughter to the airport for her first steps in becoming a teacher in the NYC Public Schools. She like many is interested in what the common core will do to the American classroom, and much of her early training so far has had to do with the implementation of the core. It is a big deal in American schools, with a huge push behind it by large corporations that want to use the efficiencies of high technology to accelerate and measure student learning. But so far the common core's a bust. And no amount of pushing the core on new teachers will fix what's wrong with using standardized testing to force school reform.

Many educators have started out convinced that common core is a good idea and that it will drive education forward.I beleive there are problems in pushing a rope. Children can be led to learning, but develop resistance to being schooled.

Put a child in the wood shop, on the other hand, give him or her the tools of making and learning, and you will find that they discover enthusiasms of their own

My film premier is tonight. The photos are from yesterday's class.

Make, fix and create...

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