Wednesday, May 21, 2014

finished camera...

Yesterday one of my seniors finished her pin hole camera. I've had this theory that no student should graduate from high school without making something useful and beautiful and that would last a lifetime as a remembrance of learning. My student said of this small useful box, "It's something I'll keep my whole life."

It is fascinating to read about Freidrich Froebel on the world wide web. for instance I read a comparison between Maria Montessori and Froebel that compared them as though they were contemporaries with competing methods, instead of one being the foundation upon which all later early childhood models of education were built.

A key to understanding the relationship between them comes when one sees images of the two educators side by side. Froebel is always shown in hand-drawn illustrations while Montessori, who was born 18 years after Froebel's death was shown in innumerable photographs throughout her life. Photography was far from commonplace during Froebel's life.

The pinhole camera at left is made for 35 mm. film cartridges for ease of loading and developing.

In the wood shop at Clear Spring School, I have just a few more classes for the school year and will be devoting my time to getting the shop ready for classes with the Eureka Springs School of the Arts.

Make, fix and create...

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