Saturday, May 24, 2014

jewelry at ESSA

World renown jeweler Bob Ebendorf has been teaching at ESSA this weekend, and as we've been friends for a very long time, I went out to visit his class. Bob was in the midst of a critique at the close of class, a debriefing of sorts, offering his insight and encouragement to each student. Each had broken new ground.

The point wasn't to evaluate their work per se, according to some contrived standard but for each to assess their own growth during the class. After all, the important thing is not the product but the growth, and the value of the student work is not in the object made, but in the student as he or she grows in both character and intellect.

Another friend, DJ was assisting Bob with his class, and I was pleased to learn that this blog has been helpful to her in putting to words an understanding of her work. She's become an enthusiast for educational sloyd, and it always a pleasure to meet young people that have taken an interest in such things.

I have been working on a sketchup illustration of the pinhole box camera, and working out some of the details that would make it easier for box makers to make. And I've been cleaning the school wood shop for ESSA classes and preparing to wrap up my school year with Clear Spring School.

My own wood shop is a total mess, and will also take time to put back in shape. Each tool has a place where it normally resides, so I begin by putting tools back in place.

Make, fix and create...

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