Tuesday, May 27, 2014

simple box

Today was my last day of wood working classes at Clear Spring for the school year, with the exception of my ESSA class for adults in July. Students were very excited to be in class.

Tomorrow I will take my daughter to her plane for New York and then go to Little Rock for the premier showing of the mini documentary films about the Arkansas Living Treasures. I look forward to meeting those ALTs who are not already good friends. We all have our love of crafts in common.

I made this plan above for my student Noah, who has tried on his own for the last couple weeks to make a box. I used sketchup to do the drawing, and used its cut list utility to prepare a cutting list that he could follow if he was interested. Naturally, when a teacher is ready for one thing, the student asks another. He chose instead to make a gavel using the lathe. At some point, and with Noah's natural sense of social justice, he would be a good judge if he decided to become one, and the gavel  that he made himself in 8th grade wood shop may come in handy at that time.

I will miss these kids over the summer months, but when I see them at the grocery store, they come running. Can anything be better than to teach?

I use the same size box to hold Froebel Gift number 1 consisting of small crocheted balls in the primary and secondary colors. It has been said that few examples of Froebel Gift number 1 have survived due to the balls being great cat toys.

Make, fix and create...

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