Thursday, May 08, 2014

Am Wood...

My article about making a silver ware chest came out in American Woodworker Magazine, arriving in yesterday's mail.

Today in my own woodshop, I'm making crematory urn boxes using vacuum veneering to cover the top panels.  A friend of mine passed away and I have another friend that has been wanting me to make one for a friend of hers. I have this idea that I'll keep a box or two on hand, as I've had a number of opportunities in the last few years to supply them to friends.

Last month's Woodshop News had an article about the growing market for crematory urns made of wood, and how much better can it be to have one made by a friend, than one commercially made?

I made banding strips to surround the veneer, and mitered the corners using a sled on the table saw, as shown in the photos above and below.

Today in the school wood shop, high school students will be completing boxes.

Make, fix and create...

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  1. I've also gotten requests for funerary boxes, and have made two so far. Size is a trick sometimes since people produce different amounts of ash.