Saturday, January 16, 2010

special M&T

This is a rather special mortise and tenon joint used when you need to join two tenons from opposite sides in a single mortise. You won't need this joint very often, but there are times when you may find it useful.

In this case, I am joining table stretchers from opposite sides of middle legs on a six legged table. First, form the tenons on the ends of the stock. Then make a mock up of the joint using material cut to the same width as the tenoned parts. You'll find cutting the mock-up preferable to relying on measurements, as you can see exactly how the parts will fit together before running the risk of ruining real parts. I use a tenoning jig on the table saw to make the angled cut which allows the two tenons to intersect at the center of the joint. For the test make the angled cuts it just as you will the joint. The nice thing about the test cuts is that if it doesn't come out just right, adjust as needed and try again. When you get it right make the same cuts on the actual parts.

The photo below shows how the tenoned parts fit the mortise, coming in from each side. Glue will join the two tenons into a single unit.

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