Sunday, January 31, 2010

library in snow

As usual when we have snow, one of the chores is to clear the steps, porch and sidewalks of our Carnegie Public Library. This time the snow was deep and my wife and I were pleased that a mystery volunteer had given us a head start. That didn't mean the job was complete, but it means a great deal to know that there are others in the community that care so much about the library as to take a stab at clearing the steps.

I often grumble at the work, but always feel pleased to have offered simple labor to an institution that was here long before I arrived and will have been sustained in part by my efforts. I am the speck with shovel and black jacket at lower right.


  1. it's lovely to see the Carnegie library after reading about it on your blog.

    Particularly like to see you DOING something in front of it! Well done!

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    It's a beautiful building in a wonderful small town.


  3. Hey Doug, Lots of snow here in Scotland also, I used to live in Dunfermline ,birthplace of Andrew Carnegie & home to the original Carnegie Library. As a teacher & fellow woodworker stumbled across your blog recently after reading "soulcraft". catch you later..........John