Saturday, October 10, 2009

use of "log cabin jig"

One of my very useful inventions, that you can have for free is my "log cabin jig" which allows you to duplicate again and again, a perfect recess to fit square, rectangular or other shapes in wood. This can be used for fitting butt hinges as will be demonstrated in my upcoming Fine Woodworking article or even for fitting inlay in the tops of boxes.

In the photos above, I am using it as a guide to rout the back sides of drawer facings so that hammered brass inserts can be installed. The router bit used has a top mounted bearing of the same diameter as the cutter so that it exactly replicates the open space in the jig. The jig is simply made by overlapping log cabin corners. Again, you will see the finished effect later when the drawers are finished and installed, but as a teaser, you can see the first assembled drawer below. The pull is made of cocobolo, a departure from my usual reliance on Arkansas woods. The cocobolo has extremely high oil content, making it the perfect wood to resist the occasional greasy fingers as drawers are opened and closed and as meals are being prepared.

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  1. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Nice work! I like the contrasting colors, and the open space of the drawer pull.