Friday, October 09, 2009

swords or plowshares, weaponry, the environment and education

I congratulate President Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize committee. It was a complete shock to me this morning to learn of Obama's award. And I hope that it offers even greater awards to the American people.

We have long faced a choice, more difficult for some and easier for others, whether we would lead by the sword of conquest, or the plowshare that serves the cause of social justice. If we were to contemplate for a moment the amount of money we spend each year on the development and production of advanced weaponry, and what it would mean if we turned those productive resources toward energy independence, sustainable development and education we would begin to recognize the opportunity that some in the world see more clearly than the American people.

What can you you imagine? I'll start the list... more teachers, smaller classes, a solar collector on each rooftop, medical care that doesn't leave families economically bankrupt while facing by personal tragedy, an end to global warming, peaceful resolution of international conflicts, an end to fear based partisan bickering... You are welcome to add to my list.

There is lost opportunity in rigid adherence to the status quo, and we have to accept the Nobel Committee's conclusion. President Obama brings qualities to the world stage that many in the US are unwilling to recognize... And I offer my deepest heartfelt congratulations.

In the photo above you can see my next step in making drawer fronts. The routed groove is for a hardwood bar forming a drawer pull in a unique design. You will be able to see the finished design in a later post.

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