Thursday, March 19, 2009

from a reader, a spoon

The spoon in the photo above is by Will Simpson. His comment was made to the post below as follows:
After reading Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, I set for my self the goal of carving 400 spoons. I figure that by that time I'll have something meaningful to say with my spoon carving. Currently I'm just starting number 26.
His comment reminds me of my college days. I had a professor who urged me to go to graduate school in creative writing. I decided that writing would be much more meaningful if I had something I wanted to say. What I realized later was that all the great books, great poems, and great works have a single thing at the heart, regardless of length and regardless of the experience on which they are based.

It is the urge that human beings have to share something of themselves with others. They may differ only in the depth of their sincerity. Check out the link to Will's spoons. In their simple sincerity, they say a lot already.

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  1. Doug, thanks for your kind mention of my spoons. I just about finished make a spokeshave. I was able to tackle the spokeshave because of the confidence I developed spoon carving. Nice how one skill leads to another.

    Keep sharing. It spreads wider than we think.