Monday, March 02, 2009

cutting teeny tiny pieces?

This week I'll help the 5th and 6th grade students begin making chess boards. So how do you cut teeny tiny thin pieces safely and accurately on the table saw? This is an adult operation, but even for adults it can be a challenge.

I use a sliding stop block on the table saw sled. It takes just a few minutes to make one. Slide it to the left to begin and place your stock against it to prepare for the cut. Then slide it out of the way to the right and make your cut. This provides clearance allowing the cut-off piece to avoid being "trapped" between the stop block and blade. Later in the week you will see the chess board parts being made. I am also working on the bench for Crystal Bridges and am preparing to cut the dovetails to fit the pins cut last week.

The photo below shows the small thin pieces cut from maple and walnut to begin making a chess board.

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