Friday, February 13, 2009

wooden hinges and trial fit

I made the wooden hinges this morning. The Gifkins jig worked great for cutting the matching parts and I used a new technique, drilling both halves of the hinge at the same time for the hinge pins to fit. This was an idea suggested by one of my students and it worked.

The photo above shows the hinges fit to the natural edged maple lids and placed on top of the boxes to get a glimpse of how the finished boxes will look. I will gently shape the ends of the lids. I shaped the hinges as shown below, but they still need more work, making them taper towards the ends for a more delicate look. The bases are glued up and ready for final shaping and fitting tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Drilling both halves of the hinges in one pass is one of those "Aha!" moments. It makes perfect sense, and the pieces will fit together better because of it.


  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

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  3. Hello Doug,

    I would like more information from you on these hinges. May I call you to discuss?

    Eg. - Have you had any problem with the hinges binding with wood expanding and contracting due to humidity changes?


  4. Matt, I have an article coming out in Fine Woodworking on making these hinges. I've not had particular trouble with expansion and contraction of wood on these, but they are not as strong as brass hinges and are not easily repaired or replaced like metal hinges would be.

    Sorry, I don't have time for phone calls.