Saturday, February 28, 2009

next step

Step by step. The spoon knives are now glued with epoxy to one side of the handle. You can see how it nests in the groove cut in the last step. I am making 15 knives so I will have plenty for spoon carving with the kids at Clear Spring School. I used quick setting epoxy so the next part of the assembly will take place in the afternoon. Since we had snow last night and it is cold in the shop (I haven't bothered yet to light a fire in the woodstove.) I will give plenty of extra time for the glue to set.

If you were to look really close, you would see that a portion of the knives are made for left hand use. You may have heard that "left handedness" is on the rise. We have moved from a historic low of 3 percent during the dark ages of education in which children were forced to write with their right hands to 11% today.
Chris McManus, professor of psychology at UCL, said the surge in left-handedness may be due to a reduction in attempts to coerce naturally left-handed children into using their right hands.

McManus’s team have reinforced the theory that left-handedness is growing by analyzing film shot about 1900 which shows that only 16% of those living at the beginning of the 20th century used their left arms to wave, compared with about 24% of people today.
Twenty percent of my spoon knives are being made for lefties.

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