Saturday, February 14, 2009

time for a break

Glue doesn't like to be hurried, so I will give the boxes some time to themselves as I wait for the now glued dovetails to set. This is the last you will see of these boxes unless you subscribe to American Woodworker or pick it up at the newsstand and want to see the complete step-by-step. I reserve the right to post a beauty shot of the finished boxes, perhaps tomorrow or Monday. When you make something that is beautiful, or useful, or illustrates some new skill, whether it is in the workshop, kitchen or garden, there is the desire that arises within oneself to share it with others, and even though I've made thousands of boxes, I still feel that need to share.

The most amazing thing is that our educational system has been created by those who have little sense of this. How do I know? It is obvious, for if they knew the potential power of their students' creative spirits, the design of our institutions would not be what it is. Schools would be workshops with tools through which concepts would be explored in the making of things that gave greater meaning to the children and their lives within family and community. And that being so, we would live in a culture richer than what we have today.

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