Sunday, February 15, 2009

Owl in the woods and waiting again

I stepped outside for a moment and my barred owl neighbor lifted off the ground, startled and flew up to a tree where he could watch me without feeling threatened. Later I began watching from inside the shop for him to perch on his favorite tree. Not a bad photo when you realize it was taken at a 60 degree angle through a double pane glass window in the shop which is long overdue for Windex. The photo below is taken later when I stepped outside with the camera. He flew further away, so this isn't the closeup I hoped for. Perhaps that will come another day.
Today the boxes are assembled, the hinges are glued in place, and I am applying the Danish oil finish. I wait about 30 minutes or so between the first two coats, and then will rub them out with a dry cloth in another 30-45 minutes. One more coat will be applied tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful boxes! These, of course, will be your Owl Series.


Ed Sallee said...

Doug, your boxes are beautiful and I refer to your books often.... I am happy to have found this site. I'll be checking in often!


Ed S.
Flowery Branch, GA