Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Today the 5th and 6th grade students made Arkansas puzzles showing the various geographic regions of the state. We used coping saws and scroll saws to cut the various pieces. This is preparation for their annual spring trip. As you recall, last week they made mineral collection boxes, and next week they will make sieves for use when they go diamond mining at Crater of Diamonds State Park.

The materials used with this project were 1/4" birch veneered plywood. Step one, cut the shape of the state from photocopy. Then use spray adhesive to stick the cut out shape to the birch plywood. Drill a hole at one corner of the state so that a coping saw blade can be inserted to start the cut. Cut around the perimeter of the state. Some students chose to cut the river boundary on the eastern side of the state with the scroll saw for greater detail. After removing the state shape from the background wood, it can be cut into the various regions. The finished puzzles will have poster board glued to the back of the frame and details about the unique features of the geographic areas will be written under each puzzle piece.

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