Saturday, January 26, 2008

I woke up in the middle of the night with sudden Buddhist clarity. If you choose to take pleasure in something there is no suffering. If you choose to make do, to fix, to make or to give, the opposite of suffering, joy can be found. My wife brought home a DVD documentary called Beauty Without Borders, and she remarked how joyful the women of Afghanistan are in comparison to the women of America.

There are secrets ready to be revealed in middle-of-the-night-awakenings. We prime our consciousness for receipt of those awakenings though small actions taken during the day. We say, "I choose this life." Then we use our hands, cleaning, cooking, making, caring, providing. We breathe deep and feel the hearts beating in our chests.

Today I'll stack the lumber that arrived yesterday by truck. I'll check the moisture content so that it can be observed over the next month. I'll continue work on the small boxes in my shop. We measure the importance of nations by their Gross National Product. What if we were to measure their joy instead?

Appalachian Spring Galleries in Washington, DC are now featuring some of my products on their website. At the opening of this page, you will see some of my work. Appalachian Spring is one of the most highly regarded craft galleries in the US, representing hundreds of craft artists like myself and offering high-quality made-by-real-people-in-the-USA products. In fact, I'm headed back to the shop right now to work on filling orders.

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