Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It was a busy day at school today, and I left the camera at home so there are no photos to share. But I got some exciting news about photos today from Tom Begnal at Fine Woodworking Magazine. A group of my small boxes will be on the cover of the issue that is just going to press. I knew the article would be in, but had no idea that my boxes would make the cover, and that is an honor, indeed.

Years ago, as I was starting my woodworking career, to have work featured in the most widely read, prestigious and admired woodworking magazine in the world was beyond my wildest dreams. So, you may be able to imagine how pleased I am with this news. Around the middle of the month, my woodworking with kids projects will make their debut on the Fine Woodworking website. I'll let you know when they appear. In the meantime I am so very amazed and full of thanks.

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