Sunday, January 06, 2008

The photo below is from and while I've not obtained her permission for its use, I hope that credit to her and my thanks will suffice. Several years ago a friend of mine came back from Vietnam with photos of his travel and some showed tribal women in their native garb. Particularly fascinating were the various hats associated with the different tribal groups. The simple indigo turbans worn by the Black Hmong are a testament to the wisdom of their hands. Concealed in the folds of the turbans wrapped on their heads are sewing supplies and threads for the intricate embroidery that keeps their hands busy at nearly all times they are not occupied with something else. Their children are decorated in their mother's attention, pride and love in much the same way mothers throughout the world showered their attentions on their children before the rise of "modern" civilization. Can it be that in our modern culture we are missing something?

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