Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today in the 3rd and 4th grade woodshop, the students worked on rocket ships as part of their study of space. They love taking scrapwood and seeing what they can make of odd shapes. I'll have photos of their finished work next week.

The first and second grade students finished making model farm animals as part of their study of farms. All the girls wanted to make horses, and Noah was insistent that he wanted to make a lion. When we were trying to agree what animals were to be made, the girls all voted for horses, and Noah said that the thing he didn't like about democracy was having to go along with the majority all the time. With a small class we could be flexible. The parts of the bodies were cut from 2"x 4"s, and the legs were made from 5/16" dowels. The manes and tails on the horses and lion were made from yarn and twine. The photo above is of Clare, Jade and Noah. Noah's lion is at far right.

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