Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tie a string around your finger. For those whose thoughts circle endlessly inside their heads, mired in incessant internal dialog, incapable of decision or action, it is good to remember the potential of hands to bring change and resolution. The ages old technique of a string around the finger may help to keep hands in conscious consideration. It may be good to watch the feet as well.

There is a Chinese saying that "what the heart desires, the feet proceed toward without a moment's hesitation." If you find yourself mired in unpleasant circumstances, can it be that these circumstances are those of your heart's desire? What a frightening thing that would be...

We think of intelligence being lodged within our brains, and overlook the wisdom and intelligence present in our hands, feet and hearts.

Today's excercise: Sit with a friend in conversation. Be attentive to both the voice and the hands. You will note that the gestures when observed are as expressive as the words and tone of voice. In fact, if you can give your full attention to the bodily presence of your companion instead of allowing his or her words to trigger incessant dialog inside your own mind, you may begin to see wisdom and intelligence in a new light.

I know some of the few readers of this blog will look at what I say as an anti-intellectual rant, but to be mired in the intellectual framework is to ignore so much of the reality of our own beings. To be stuck is a state of being that deserves a shove or at least a nudge. It is the old Humpty Dumpty thing. We know that the king's men really can't do much about it. They're the King's Men. They know very little about their hands. But falling off the self-created wall of intellect can be a good thing. Especially when there are skilled hands available to catch you or at least help glue the pieces back together.

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