Friday, January 05, 2007

Before I get you thinking that wood-working is just kid stuff, I want to remind you that work with the hands can be contributory to the mental health of all, even the oldest among us. The November 2006 issue of Woodcraft had an article written by Sarah Brady about an interesting and important program for Alzheimer patients using pen crafting as a means to counteract the tragic effects of this debilitating disease, restore patient self-esteem and alleviate depression. Woodcraft has graciously provided a link so the article can be read on-line. The Hands of Altzheimers. I don't want to get you distracted from the immediate task at hand, that of engaging our children's hands in education. The article does help us to understand the incredible relationship between the hands and brain, and cues us to the significant role the hands play in the well-being of all. Because the hands work in seamless integration with thought, we are generally unconscious of their importance. I am here to remind you and to stir you to take notice and make whatever changes lead to a more meaningful life, for yourself and for those you love.

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