Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fifth and 6th grade students at Clear Spring have been studying Canada as part of their current project in North American Geography. We worked on clocks in the shape of maple leaves with the colors from the Canadian Flag. The students used cut paper to make templates for scroll sawing 1/4" Baltic birch plywood to shape. They used woodburners to do the lettering and then used markers to apply the red color. Some of the clocks were intricately decorated, and since the teacher Andrea had a Maple leaf clock from when we did the project two years ago, she made her clock as a map of Canada, with all the small islands outlined with the wood burner. Real objects often provide better remembrance of learning than written notes. Kurtis said as he left the woodshop, "Now I will have a clock in my room!" Next week we start making pyramid boxes shaped like the stepped pyramids made by the Mayans in Mexico.

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