Saturday, January 27, 2007

I am nervously waiting for awhile at home before going to the benefit-reception for the Wisdom of the Hands program at Clear Spring School. I am feeling nervous because there is actually so much to say about the hands, that it is hard to narrow down what will be most useful to those coming to the event. For those who've given little thought to hands-on education, the challenge is to carry them each around the corner to look at their own learning through the lens that their own hands will provide.

The reception is being held in the new home of very dear friends. Back in the 80's and 90's, I made a number of pieces of large furniture for their home, which will all be on display. They are timeless, showing no wear, reflecting the loving care that they have been given for decades.

Besides the tour of the Nelson home, furniture made by me, works by my students, wonderful food and wine, valet parking, a running digital slide show and door prizes made by students at Clear Spring School, we have two workbenches and a lathe set up to give the guests a brief taste of being in Clear Spring School, and the wonders that their own hands can bring when engaged creatively in education.

Come back tonight or tomorrow. I will have photos to share.

OK, the party's over. I got over being nervous and delivered my 15 minute talk in about 35or 40 minutes to about 30 people. What a nice crowd. I thought as a photo of the event, you might enjoy seeing the cooks, the food on the birdseye maple table I made in about 1988 and the cherry cabinets (at rear) that I made in 1985. The food was almost too beautiful to eat.

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