Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Trees that bear witness

My friend Elliot Washor shared an article on the Harbor Freight Fellows blog  about the trees that bore witness to the horrible devastation from our use of nuclear weapons during WWII. 


In Hiroshima, the trees that remained standing and alive during the terrible conflagration are marked and held sacred as Hibakujumoku, the trees that suffered from the Atomic blast. Each is identified by species and with it's distance from the blast recorded in a small sign. The trees are visited and held sacred as signs of hope. 

You can find Elliot's blog post at https://www.harborfreightfellows.org/post/elliot-washors-blog-8-13-21 In it he mentions my friend Joe Youcha to whom I introduced him last week, and he mentions my new book, Wisdom  of our Hands. But the article Elliot shared about Hibakujumoku is one that I strongly urge you to read. It is a touching thing. I repeat the link: https://nautil.us/issue/104/harmony/life-always-wins-follow-me

As I often tell my students, human beings are narrative creatures. We tell our stories. Trees, also are narrative. Where there's a knot in wood, there had been a branch in life. But for the stories to be read and for the stories to be understood, an intersection between man and the forests must be established and made clear.

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