Thursday, August 19, 2021

at the cutting edge

I've ordered and will be testing a new sharpening system for us to use at the Clear Spring School to keep our sloyd knives as sharp as they were when they first arrived years ago. The laminated blade with very hard steel bonded within more flexible outer layers has given our knives long life, but they are ready for a tune-up.

Today we have trainers from A+ Schools helping us plan for the coming year, and as we embark on further refinements of the Clear Spring School educational environment. 

We at the Clear Spring School are at the cutting edge of education and as is always the case, honing is required. And if you were to wonder where metaphors come from that help us to explain things to each other, look no further than the hands and the processes we use to create useful beauty in our own lives. 

The publisher of my new book, The Wisdom of our hands, has been busy preparing the promotional material that will accompany the release of the advanced review copy, and I'm planning my teaching schedule for 2022.

Make, fix and create.

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