Wednesday, December 28, 2016

sequential gluing.

Start with adding a board on each side of center.
Yesterday I was faced with gluing up heavy white oak boards into a table top, and it would have been a daunting procedure to glue the whole thing up at once. So I decided to use a three step glue and clamp process.

Building up from the center, I started with three boards, then added two more and then two more in subsequent operations. This allowed me to make certain that each added set of boards was planed and fitted to glue with no gaps between. It also allowed me to do it with less panic.

Add two more
I used biscuits to help assist alignment and to add some strength.

The other interesting technique I used was to join the edges of boards using a plunge router and straight edge. It is difficult to pass large panels across the joiner to straighten an edge, so the strategy becomes, "bring the tool to the wood" rather than "bring the wood to the tool," as one would do in box making.

The other thing that may be obvious is that my glued up table top will stay right where it is without asking a friend to help move it when necessary.

Today I will begin shaping its edges and cutting it to final size.

I am having a pleasant and productive break from school.

Make, fix, create, and set the example that others may learn likewise.

Glued in sequence to full width

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